9 Killer Steps You Must Read Before Buying Any Digital Cameras

Every time we make a decision, there are few questions and factors to consider. And buying a camera is not an excuse.

You want to buy a camera that last longer. A camera that is in quality with the price that doesn’t hurt your wallet.

So, I have compiled some of the best factors you must keep in mind before you go to a store to buy a camera.

  1. Know What What Kind Of Camera You Want To Own – To guide you with that, here are the list of questions you might want to consider asking yourself before taking the next step.
  • Why do want a camera?
  • What types of photography are you most interested in?  Portraits, landscapes, macro, sports?
  • Are you going to take photographs (indoors, outdoors, low light, bright light)?
  • What are the features you’re looking for a camera? Examples are: image stabilization, large LCD display, long zoom and many others.
  • What are your preferable sizes for a camera?
  • And, how much are you willing to pay for a camera?

It’s always advisable to be well informed before buying any digital cameras to avoid hassles and more mistakes. And of course to save time shopping. Isn’t that a good idea?

2. Megapixels – a  5 megapixels camera isn’t so crucial. If you’re only printing images for a normal size it will be fine, and it’s cheaper than the high end once; that if you’ll need bigger images more than the original, then you’ll gonna have to pay extra for that. Remember though that having images that are too large takes up lots of space on memory cards and computers.

3. Extras – Keep watch of the extras. There might be extras that you would need or want from the variety of extras which are not included in the final outlay.  These might include:

  •  Memory Cards
  •  Camera Case
  •  Extra Batteries/Rechargeable
  •  Lenses (for DSLR cams)
  •  Filters
  •  Tripods/Monopads
  •  External Flashes
  •  Reflectors

Some cameras comes with a bundle of those extras. But, check it first, you may not like the extras in the bundle. You may consider buying your own choice of extras.

4. Gears – You might have an extra gear from your previous digital cameras that maybe compatible with your new future camera; it will really saves you cash. Remember that some lenses are compatible with digital SLR’s. Also flashes and filters.

5. DSLR – DSLR cameras are usually bigger, heavier and harder to keep clean. Compared to Point and Shoot, DSLR could be quite complicated.

6. OPTICAL ZOOM – There are two different types of zooms, there is “Optical Zooms” and “Digital Zooms.” While Digital Zooms only enlarge pixels in your shots, it also makes it more pixelated. Optical Zooms though are mostly used today, at least 3x in length is highly recommended.

7. REVIEWS – To help you narrow down the field of digital cameras, it is recommended if you first read reviews, either in camera magazines or online. Doing a little bit research will really help you pick the best quality camera.

8. TESTING – When it’s time to buy a camera and you go down to your local camera store, it’s also nice to test if you like bringing the product with you; if you’re comfortable using it. It should help you decide as well. Everyone would love to buy something that they really like and really feel like liking and having it.

9. NEGOTIATE – Try to ask for a little discount specially with the extras mentioned above. Either by phone or personal at your local stores. Or you may also negotiate with online stores whichever is most comfortable with you.




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